Wonga loans apply for quick credits € 300 without guarantee

Loans and Credits in Wonga Spanish Solocitar Online

Do you want to solve your problems quickly and without witnesses? Tired borrowed from friends? Wonga is an excellent tool to solve your problems! See for yourself, Wonga exists in the finance market for almost 10 years, the company was one of the first of innovative projects in 2007, when it launched its service in London.

Officially, the company is a financial institution that specializes in the granting of fast microcredits online, through which you can solve your problems immediately. It is worth noting that Wonga has quite attractive conditions, since the first call is established standard credit limit of up to 300 euros for a period of up to 60 days. That is, you pay a commission for 30 days, and you get a second month for free. Also, it is not necessary to show all the papers and guarantors, and you can manage your money within 15 minutes. Convenient, is not it?

If you want to request the registration of your first loan on the Wonga.es site, you need to have Internet to begin with. Therefore, here are your first steps on the road to achieving a microcredit.

First, select the desired amount does not exceed 300 euros. Next, specify a date by which you should be able to repay the loan. In this case, choose a maximum of 30 days, in any case, the company will give you the second month automatically. If they are positive and the client’s time to pay their payment, then the next time they will be able to take advantage of the offer to take the maximum amount of 600 euros.

From our site I would like to remind you that the best use of microcredits only in case of need helps, otherwise you run the risk of a long time paying high interest rates.

What should you have to maximize your chances of getting a positive response in Wonga service?

  • You are a resident of Spain and can prove it through your ID or NIE.
  • You are an adult.
  • You have a bank account and a debit card, which is necessary to obtain and then return your loan.
  • You must have a mobile phone for communication.
  • What is your monthly income must be confirmed by a document – a salary certificate, certificate of the account at the receipt of money or certified pension.

Another advantage of the service is its availability, since you can get your money throughout the day at any time. In addition, the examination of your application is also carried out in the shortest time, it is not necessary to wait long for a response from the bank or call yourself. If you are rejected, the following query can not be downloaded at the same time. In this case, you will have to wait and repeat the application later, maybe your loan is approved. If the status of your request is marked as “processed” it means an automatic system could not make a decision and do it manually from the experts, so you should wait a bit and perhaps provide additional documents.