Payday loan on the same day

Payday loan on the same day


Many borrowers and prospects are wondering if it is possible to get a flash loan on the same day. Although this question can be answered in the affirmative, yes, there are some restrictions that should be observed in any case. So it is very important to choose the right credit provider who can speed up the credit process and initiate a flash transfer. So it is not unrealistic that the money is credited to the customer’s checking account the same day.

Choose lender

Choose lender

Some private or institutional lenders specialize in lightning loans and can therefore also grant a lightning loan on the same day, if the conditions are met. In this way, you should familiarize yourself in advance with the documents you need for the application and keep them fully available. In addition, there must be no restrictions on your credit rating. Although it may be possible to obtain credit through additional collateral, this will often not be possible on the same day but later.

You should never pay any upfront fees or fees to receive a same day credit. The lenders who ask for it are usually dubious. Here it is always advised to refrain from it and to look for better alternatives. There are such alternatives, and they are also easy to find if you are well-informed on the internet and are making a credit comparison.

A credit comparison is free and possible every day of the week or on weekends. Also on public holidays, in the evening or at night, you can look for a suitable lightning loan. However, if you apply for a loan at this time, you generally can not expect that you will receive the money on the same day, but have to wait for the next working day. But then there is nothing in the way of fast loan processing and payment in many cases.

You do not have to spend a lot of time on a loan comparison. It often takes only a few minutes. You can greatly speed up your search by using a search mask or a credit calculator that is also on the internet on a credit comparison portal for your search. You can limit the search from the outset to a Payday loan on the same day and do not have to compare other credit that are rather out of the question for you.


Thus, a loan application on the Internet can be processed as quickly as a loan application, which you put in a branch of a bank or savings bank in your area. However, if you opt for a branch loan, you can often wait for a loan decision to fail. If it is positive, the money is either transferred by flash transfer to your account or you can cash it out in cash. This can happen at the switch, but it does not have to. If you wish, for example, you can pay by cash advance on the same day by postal order or courier.

Lightning Credit – Requirements

Lightning Credit - Requirements

Before you can get a lightning loan on the same day, first of all the question must be clarified whether you meet the conditions for a lightning loan at all. These requirements are similar to the conditions that apply to many other loans. You should have a stable income and work as a clerk, laborer or civil servant. Some banks also give their lightning loan to self-employed persons or freelancers.

However, this is much more difficult than getting a loan if you are an employee and can prove that you have an indefinite employment contract. There may also be difficulties if your employment contract is temporary. However, this does not apply if you apply for a loan with a relatively short term that ends before the end of the term of your employment contract. However, if there is official proof that the fixed-term contract can be extended and you can provide this proof to your lender, you will normally have no difficulty obtaining a lightning loan.

If you apply for a lightning loan in Germany or from a lender with headquarters in Germany, you can be sure that this lender will check not only your income, but also your credit bureau information. This is required by law. Through an insight into credit bureau information, the lender can get an idea of ​​what your personal credit rating is. If for some reason you have not met your payment obligations in the past, this may be a sign that you will not be able to do so in the future, or only to a limited extent. The consequence of this is that you often get a credit rejection or that you can only get a loan if there is additional collateral.

If you foresee that you have to expect a credit rejection due to negative credit bureau entries, you can look for other loans. Possible would be a loan from abroad or a loan from a private person. No credit bureau information is needed here, but the only thing that matters is whether you are able to meet the payment obligations and properly repay the loan installments for the lightning loan.

This is usually answered based on the question of whether your income is high enough. If yes, then in many cases there is nothing in the way of a lightning loan on the same day. Private lenders generally decide for themselves who they will grant a lightning loan on the same day. Of course, this also applies to the banks, but they are bound by legal requirements. For example, foreign banks will primarily review the potential borrower’s income and reject the loan application if that income is not high enough.

If you are interested in a lightning loan on the same day that should come from abroad, you have to meet somewhat different requirements than with a German bank. First and foremost, you need proof of German citizenship, a permanent residence and the age of majority. Some banks have also set an upper age limit, which may vary and, in the worst case, is already 58 years old.
The income of the borrower must necessarily exceed the attachment exemption limit. Otherwise, there is no way for the bank to rely on part of this income as collateral for arrears. The examination of a credit application abroad can be as fast as in Germany. Then the money can be sent by lightning transfer, by courier or by postal order on the way.