You may have just found out that you don’t even have a vindra in your wallet, and you need to pay for the necessary expenses, such as school lunches for children, or a new fridge that recommended 14 days before the payout. For these cases, there is a quick loan before the payment from Payday, which got into the awareness of Czech citizens not only advertising with Lada Hruska, but also very favorable conditions, when it lends to citizens up to eight thousand crowns for thirty days completely free, without fees and interest.

What are you waiting for? Request a same day payday loan

Is the Payday non-bank loan worthwhile for an ordinary citizen?

You will need an identity card, driver’s license or passport to be approved and will need to be scanned and sent with a loan application. The same day payday loan is applied for and everything is handled online at, so there is no need to go to a branch and stand in long queues. Neither the guarantor nor the pledge of the property is required for the loan, nor is the purpose for which you are taking the loan monitored. Loan processing is fast, and your account can still have money within 10 minutes of automatic approval. The loan can also be repaid early without any extra charges.

A payday loan, experience, reviews and discussion

The Payday loan offers amounts from CZK 1000 up to CZK 20000, but you will only reach this maximum amount when you have repaid the previous 3 loans. For the first time you can borrow a maximum of 8000 from Payday, but this disadvantage is more than offset by the fact that this loan is completely free, ie you do not pay anything for borrowing money. You can choose your loan repayment between 1 week and 30 days.

The maturity can be repeatedly prolonged for a fee, up to one year, so that even people who just do not have to pay do not get into trouble. The money is provided to the applicants by transfer to the account you need to have access to because you have to send 1 CZK from the account to verify the account holder for successful loan approval.

Of course, the Payday loan also has drawbacks

Of course, the Payday loan also has drawbacks

While the repayment of loans grows the maximum amount the loan will give you, but you also have to list the interest which is not the least. The APR ranges between 730% – 12995.50% which is not very low, but among non-bank loans, we can find even more expensive loans.