Loan10 online loan up to 600 euros in 10 minutes

Loans and Mini Loans in Loan10 Online

Conditions of our daily life in modern times do not leave us without unpleasant surprises. Among them is a problem that is always the greatest – an urgent need for money. Sometimes we need a sum of a few hundred immediately, but ahore we have to represent a financial solution more. When you need to be happy just five minutes on the Internet that is that you can not help but please. It is doubly pleasant when you can deal with financial difficulties only through your mobile phone. How does it work? We talk about this below.

At first glance, the services of the company Prestamo10 are not different from the other companies that lend fast money. But, in our opinion, what is most important in these organizations is trust, right? Today we present you one of the most successful companies in the Spanish microfinance market, which rightly characterizes the level of its service as “10 out of 10”. For testimony with Prestamo10 value of several years of work and development of online mini-credit business in Spain. The company is headquartered in Lleida (Lleida), Catalonia.


The company allows you to solve your financial problems within sums of 50 to 600 Euros (for the first time only 300 available). The term varies from five to thirty days. The fees always depend on the amount of your loan. For example, if you take a quick loan in the amount of 200 euros with a maturity of 30 days, and then return you will need 274 euros. Total, APR will be 4.507%.

With not enough commission size, Prestamo10 has another advantage – online chat, which is very convenient in case of doubts, and not all companies use this tool of great utility. In addition, you can always contact the company by phone during working hours or by sending an email. An interesting feature of this service is the processing of operational and working data of employees.

It is worth noting that sending a request for a microcredit in this company is quite easy, even more so than in some other sites. In the form you will find a few standard fields are required – your name and ID card number, as well as the debit and email card number. Once the application form is submitted, it will be subject to the verification of the modern solvency testing systems. If your application is approved, the money credited to your account within 10 minutes – if your card is serviced by the bank that is a Loan10 partner, or 24-48 hours in case your card was issued by the other bank .

In addition to everything, you can configure access to your personal account and discover additional management capabilities to your credit, such as the possibility of deferred payment. If you understand that you will not have time to make a payment on time, you can access your personal account and request a deferment of payment.

Loan10 imposes minimum requirements for the borrower. To obtain microcredits instantly in this company can any citizen of Spain, between the ages of 21 to 65 years of age with a valid ID card / NIE. Another important condition – the client should not consist of any list of debtors for their previous loans and have no current debt. Therefore, the company wants to protect itself from scams and potential defaulters.

In addition to the references to the reliable protection of their information systems, the website of the company, you can find a large amount of informative material and documentation about the rules of use of the microloans and the consequences of the improper relationship for the execution of credit obligations. We will not go into the details, but we remind you of a single well-known rule – the lack of payment necessarily implies unpleasant consequences. So do not forget the following: you should take a loan instantly only if you are absolutely sure that you can pay on time. Good luck!